Monday, August 10, 2009

when boredom strikes

I honestly sat down to blog for the first time since 'Nam but nothing happened for a solid 10 minutes.....

brief recaps of things ive done this summer

- road tripped to Charlotte...This was a man weekend filled with croquet, golf, wiffle ball, a fantasy football draft and overall dude things at a lake house that looked like it could have been the set for "i know what you did last summer". That may be the record for worlds longest run on sentence but i feel like punctuation doesnt matter on blogs...mostly cause i'm not turning this in for a grade and also because its on the internet

- went to cincy to eat deep fried foods with friends....The cooks invited me down and i obliged and we ate all kinds of things that are terrible for you.....the list that i can remember.....oatmeal creme pie, strawberry marshmellow, strawberry pop tart (my personal favorite), oreo, pizza, hush puppies, corn dogs, pineapple (a close 2nd to the pop tart), twinkie, fun size twix, swiss cake roll. The fun that is deep frying things ended around 9 and then Cook and i played The Show on ps3 till 1:30 before bed...yep we're 13 years old.

- jazz and rib fest in downtown columbus... The Woerths invited me to go down the the J&RF (thats what the insiders call it) and it was the perfect combination of good food, good music and great people watching...We put up shop in the middle of a big grass field with those collapsable chairs that nobody really knows the name of but are a staple of any outdoor summer activity. We had already had a half rack of ribs and now were munching on imitation blizzards and people couple, complete with jackets tied around their waste but not covering their fanny packs, walked and danced around for 30 minutes or so while other people relaxed in chairs the man on stage sang about how his wife was a whiskey drinker and that none of viagra, ciallis or whatever else is on the market was helping him. Interesting fellow this man...i'd ballpark him at 60 years old and black so i trusted whatever he had to say about Jazz music.

- Jerome soccer has started...they've had their "hell week" of conditioning and actual two-a-days/tryouts start tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. I'll be coaching JV-A this year and i'm sure more will be blogged about this later.

I really wish i had more time to get into details but that will come later

stay tuned for a facebook status update post coming soon

Sunday, May 3, 2009

more to come at 11

Where to start? In the past two weeks i have attended two of the best people watching sporting events known to mankind. Last week i drove with 4 other guys from Athens, OH to Connecticut to go into New York City for the NFL Draft and this past weekend i went to Louisville, KY to attend to Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

I don't really know where to start in terms of capturing ridiculous moments from either of these events. I will try my best to get them down onto ...well what would be pen to paper but is more finger to keyboard....this blog.

I've tried to think of a teaser from each weekend to keep the one to two people that read this blog to comeback or wait in eager expectation for the story to be revealed but I'm striking out on what exactly could fill that role. So i sat here for 6 minutes couldn't think of anything that was a quick i hope you will just come back and read the updates anyway

Monday, April 20, 2009

free credit report dot com....tell your friends tell your dad tell your mom

The one thing i can do consistently on here is update facebook here we are for Round 3? of updates

in no particular order

10 - me: alright..i'm leaving......tom: ok give me a hug. ::i lean over to give him a hug:: tom: (not hugging me back)...NOSE GOES!!!! me: what!? to...? ......tom: go to class hehehehehe bitch. ....In class all day..text*. (what?...i don't even know what happened in that status update and finally a person that uses the 3 period spaces more than i do...)

9 - Detroit is by far the worst city in the US. Highlights from the D: 1) Huge casino donation 2) Jumped/Robbed 3) Nyall jumped and put in the hospital 4) Blue Jackets didnt even show up 5) Only place youll see Dont Pass bets. (as if we needed a reason to hate "The D" more....and they don't even mention the 0-16 Lions!)

8 - So my car won't start....and I have a midterm at 12:00....Awesome. (That update was written at 11:42. Note to the person who wrote this maybe you should be walking to class instead of complaining via facebook)

7 - all we need is a bag of weed to keep us worry free. =] happy 4twenty. (One of many 420 messages that were left today...this one had this comment left "you dont even smoke. weirdo"...well done i would also like to say this one is related to me)

6 - has oficially been injured by a 7 year old who is unable to control his body...waiting for my mom to bring some meds until Cassie can take me to the doctor! (way to go...way to be 26 years old and get beaten up by a 7 year old. Thankfully this was a girl and not a dude)

5 - will have you weighing polar bear feces for ridiculous experiments. (i really hope this is a lyric to a song but odds are it's not....)

4 - 4/20. hitler's birthday. columbine shootings. start of the french revolutionary wars. ludlow massacre. death of bram stoker. etc. luckily, we can forgot these macabre events by becoming increasingly hungry, lazy & forgetful. don't think i forgot all you non-smokers out there: jews were granted religious freedom in what is now nyc. yep. that's all i got. hope you have a stellar pseudo-holiday folks. (another 420 update but this one had too much good stuff to pass up)

3 - wishes that zombies attacked, just to spice things up.. (you know what...i do as well....who wouldn't love it if zombies attacked)

2 - is not celebrating 4/20 because he doesn't wanna have to take off like 100 shirts just to get free..(hate to have another 420 one on here but that is too good to pass up....leaves so many questions that need answers)

1 - Just left REI garage sale. Picked up a 6-man sea kayak, a sleeping bag rated to. -120. And an ultralight dogsled. Great gear (That sounds like it would great gear ya know if you were Bear Grylls or survivor man but last time i checked you lived in Chicago and have an it all seems kinda useless)

editors note: My roommate was going to have a status update on here but he was complaining that i was taking forever to update this...its not my fault i was watching Southland and trying to update at the same time. He also broke the tv in our room so there's really no room for him to talk....note to Joshua rain + electronics = bad

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

randomness at its best

- i was watching the msu/unc game last night with Greg and Josh after club and i came to the realization that tyler hansbrough looks exactly like the freshman qb from the tv show friday night lights (jd mccoy)...last episode i saw JD got beat up by his dad after choosing a girl over practice (stop it...stop all of your Iverson practice jokes right now...) but still winning a game to take them to the state playoffs. I wonder if Tyler ever got beat up by his dad? Makes you wonder if thats why it looks like hes always going to cry?

- Jerome got a new girl leader on Sunday her name is Cristie. She is from Hudson,Oh and a freshman at OSU. She is a stud and is going to do great things i just know it. Last night was her first club and she just hopped right in talking to girls about whatever it is girls talk about (sources say chocolate, boys, high school musical 3 and being artsy but I'm not sure). I think she has more numbers from kids at club in one night than i have in 3 years. Whats really cool is that she shadowed at Jerome in the winter and i think we all fell in love with her. She was definitely my favorite first year girl and i am really excited she is on our team.

- Tonight i venture into the world of intramural hockey at the Ohio State University. I am curious to see what happens as i haven't played ice hockey in Lord knows how long but it is a beginner league. I am on a team named Silver Seven with six other YL leaders (there are other people on our team but it is clearly not coincidence that there are 7 leaders on a team named the Silver Seven). The only problem is that i do not have a hockey stick so once this post is done i am off to a hockey store in columbus to pick one up and get the skates sharpened. I hope to keep the 5 people who read this up to date on what happens with this hockey team as we try and match the Jackets and make the playoffs and storm our way to the top of the mountain....who cares that they get their name on the Stanley Cup...we get t-shirts!

off i go...its almost game time (tuesdays at 10:30 pm @ OSU Ice Rink if any of you are feeling supportive in nature)

song of the day - Kingdom Come by Coldplay

times you won't remember with fRiEnDs you'll never forget!!!1

back after popular (ok 1 person asked and that was enough for me) demand....its facebook status update time

in no particular order from the interwebz friends of turk555 and anpan9

10 - Cigarettes, coffee, studying, and hiding from the world. Feel free to facebook f*** my wall about why any of you think you deserve to know me. (so much hate and anger in one post...facebook f my wall? honestly?)

9 - has been even more ingenious, turning my vespa into a Mississippi-style paddle steamer. (this plan will fail if you don't live on the Mississippi sir)

8 - class at 10 30...lick my 2 for frank. (day 2 of what? class? poor frank)

7 - The Big Ten should be officially called the "Good at coming in Second Ten" (its funny/sad cause its least we got a runner up trophy! wait do they even give out runner up trophies in college?)

6 - had no clue that the saved by the bell (middle school years) took place in indiana, not california (thank you for ruining my childhood tv memories man....seriously this shook me to my core and it wasn't even 10 am yet)

5 - had fun in the sun with the fam today, a good elders meeting tonight, is glad the Mariners won their opener (it will be a long season), and is looking forward to 24 with Grace (sorry Mark...even pastors can't create lists....we thought you were better than that)

4 - things i am not okay with: 1) snow on the ground on april 7th. ruin my liiiiiife!!!!! (if i could add to your list young lady....#2 - figure out what the word plural means)

3 - is feeling oh so very gay. (i have no comment)

2 - has got his fingers crossed for a One Shining Moment appearance (maybe next year Shark)

1 - tear drops on my face like its my party; and if its my party so I can cry if I want to.. (don't even know where to start with this one....maybe the tears got in the way of her making sense organ) EDIT: i have since been told this came from a dude...even better.....i think i have my winner

there you have it...not our best work but still some winners in the bunch

leave a comment...pick a winner....submit your whatever it is your little hearts desire

Monday, March 30, 2009

life to the full

So i have the club talk tonight for club. First monday club in the history, ok so we've only been around for 4 years, of Jerome YL. Using John 10 and talking about life to the full. The question that scares me is do i believe what I'm about to go tell kids? I mean first reaction says yes you know that there are things that steal kill and destroy but if i look deeper my actions say..ehhhh probably not. I mean i know that there are things that steal the joy that is Gods grace in my life. I know there are things that destroy what should be unbreakable in the center of my life. The problem i run into is the ease with which i let myself fall into these patterns, the ease with which i believe the lies and believe that comfort and instant results are really the best things for my life.

I also look at others lives and think "hey he's got it down maybe i should duplicate him exactly and then it will work out." Perfect example is this spring break....i went down to Charlotte and hung out with my friends the Gardners, Burris(es??), Lights for a couple days. I got caught up into thinking "hey they're married...hey they're on YL staff....hey they look like they've got it together" and tried to figure out in my own little mind how they were doing that and what i needed to do to get all that they had (idolatry 101). When i step back and look at it its easy to say "you tard don't follow them follow Christ" but why is that so hard to see in the moment? Even as i write this its hard to believe that i actually thought/believed these things...but its true.

I did pick up a new podcast to follow over the weekend though "Matt Chandler and the Village Church". Picked it up on the drive home from Chris Light, Chandler is a pastor down in Texas and is kinda like Driscoll Lite. He has the same passion and same kinda pastoral style (i honestly tried to find a different word there from "preaching style"....just doesn't sit well with me to call it that). I haven't listened to much but he seems like a cross between Driscoll and McManus in my head...i know big comparison...kinda like calling someone "the next Gretzky, Jordan or Ryan Leaf" side note the best part about blogging is that i can link wikipedia and its legit unlike any paper you ever have to write.

Those are my thoughts...more just things i know i need to get better at but still struggle with

Song o' the day: Runnin by 2pac/Notorious BIG (thank you random button from the hip hop playlist)

ten things i love about today

Ok so the title is a bit misleading....what i'm doing here is something my friend cam and i love to do when we're bored and talking to each other on gchat. What you do is go through and look for the 10 best status updates from facebook and see who has the better ones....I'm still trying to decide if i should put names to them or not. For the record status updates don't have to be serious but "lists" agravate both of us so they get a special nod and shoot up the list

What you see here is a combined top 10 with cam and myself...the post spring break updates haven't been as amazing as we would have hoped, we only assume its cause people are still on spring break or hung over from spring break

10 - Class then work then. then.. then...? AHHHHHH!!!! Stay calm... breath... Look both ways then cross the road. Now I got it. (first list plus a freakout...good start)

9 - gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh EFFFFFFFFFFFFF Effing film fest ideaaaaaaaaa (this makes the list mostly due to how much it confused me...confusion over what exactly this is?)

8 - Sunday recap. 5 frosty miles 15 beers 2 frozen pizzas and 6 hours of planet earth on Discovery. Could be worse. Could be a lot worse. (how could that get worse?)

7 - is going to class. visiting the boyfriend. running. possibly work. ...Chels, when are we having our night!? ...Steph, I love you, esp. for tonight! Haha! ...Furball, when's tour de franzia so I know when I'm coming down! (a list...just leaving us asking Why? and really?)

6 - it's 2 am, still time for one more bad choice. (this from a NA dude...we assume its sarcasm but you can never know....he is tricky)

5 - feels like the kid in home alone, except no one is trying to rob my house and michael jackson didnt rape me....(no comment needed)

4 - since when do car handles just break off??? wtf i am soooooo pissed (this prompted a "YES" from both cam and myself)

3 - is stoked for Fast & Furious! (really?...the first 13 F&F's weren't terrible enough?)

2 - omg lol our break was so messed up lol we didnt make since half the time we were talking and that stupid video we made lol what was that al about haha..... i should have climbed threw that window with u lol. Oh did u ever give that pair of socks back haha that was funny haha.... I got my suitcase today and i have to tell u my dream about it last night lol i was so scared this morning  well call me later i love you hoe (wow...just wow)

1 - Iz back in skooo after 6 MONTHZ!!! 4get the gamez im on it this quarter!!! (and not a quarter too soon....winner winner chicken dinner)

again these are just a few that made us both either laugh or scratch our heads or both....not in order even though i did crown #1 as the winner (but honestly how could that one NOT win)

so yeah...leave a comment or 12 on how you feel about the list, or if you want to make your own go ahead

Monday, March 23, 2009


forgot one thing...but it didn't really fit last post anyway

I'm going to Charlotte with my friends the Lights tomorrow night through Friday. I can't wait to get down there and hang out with folks i haven't seen since i don't know when. Like i said in an earlier post this kicks off my month by month road trip extravaganza. This month its Charlotte next month its NYC/CT for the NFL draft. The month after that its the Woerth wedding then its off to camp.

It is almost 3 am and I'm still up i can't believe it....probably not smart since I'm going to be driving tomorrow but that's what sleeping in and coffee are for right?


not a long post just some quick thoughts

-March Madness....i feel like I'm the only person I've talked to who isn't hating their bracket after the first two rounds. I'm sitting pretty in the only two pools i entered (1st in one and 3 way tie for 2nd in another) and need Memphis, Louisville, Oklahoma and Pitt to make it to the Final 4 with Oklahoma and Memphis making it to the title game with Memphis coming out on top...then its winner winner chicken dinner.

-Blue Jackets....according to this site the jackets have a 95% chance of making the playoffs. I still can't believe it. They have been around for 8 years or so and this will be their first dive into playoff waters. I have been to a couple games this year and have caught the rest on tv except for the occasional one that falls on monday or wednesday nights. I can't believe that this team is playing well enough to make the playoffs. A lot of credit has to go to Steve Mason, the 20 year old goaltender who couldn't pass for 17, as he has tied the team record for shutouts with 9 this year and has been amazing after taking over for LeClaire when he got hurt earlier in the year. The play of Mason let GM Scott Howson get rid of Pascal LeClaire at the trade deadline to pick up a center, Antione Vermette, that the Jackets have desperately needed. Vermette has been exactly what the Jackets needed and has helped right away on the PK. He also has chipped in with 6 points i think in his first 7 games...its either 6 points in 7 games or 7 points in 6 games....either way he's been an incredible pick up for Howson. I really hope i can somehow snag a playoff ticket if and when they get here. I was at the Bruins game (which i still have to pay my friend for....Jody if you're reading this i will pay you soon HA!) with a bunch of folks and the atmosphere in the Nat that night was exciting. There was a certain buzz in the arena maybe it was the fact that the number one team in the east was in the house. Maybe it was the sense of excitement that they might actually make the playoffs this year....whatever it was it felt right and i can't wait for playoff hockey.

-Crew....The Crew won the MLS title last year. I think this is the first pro sports title for a team from Columbus since the Quest won back to back titles in the 90's. In case you weren't growing up in the city at that point or in case you didn't click on that link the Quest were a professional womens basketball team led by future Gold Medalist and former Buckeye Katie Smith that won the championship in the only 2 years the league existed. Well that's a lie the league existed for the start of a 3rd year but it folded 14 games in with the Quest having a record of 11-3 and an all but certain 3rd straight title. that played in Battelle Hall in downtown Columbus. Battelle Hall has been used in such prestigious events such as the Quest winning a title and housing the 2001 Commencement ceremonies of Thomas Worthington High School. So yeah....the Crew winning the MLS Cup in 08 slightly upgrades the trophy case in Columbus...slightly. The 2009 team fields 10 of the 11 players from the 08 cup winning side. The only player missing is Brad Evans who got selected by expansion side Seattle in the draft. Seattle also hired former Crew coach Sigi Schmid who had been in Columbus the past 3 seasons. Filling the gap (theres a weight joke in there somewhere but i'm too classy to find it) left by Schmid is Robert Warzycha. Warzycha played for the Crew back in the mid-late 90's....unlike Sigi he is a Columbus guy. He played here, was an assistant coach when he retired and lives in Dublin (go Celts). He has a son who plays soccer for OSU right now and it will be interesting to see what happens when its time for Konrad to turn pro.

All in all its a pretty exciting couple months ahead for the sports scene for me and the city of Columbus in general. The Jackets are playing exciting playoff level hockey, the Crew are a strong bet to repeat in the MLS and the Clippers....didn't even mention them but they got a sweet new park in the Arena District in Columbus and a certain somebodies uncle works for the club so i may or may not try and get some tickets from him when the time comes. Just saying...if you think i know things about sports my uncle knows things that i don't think the Schwaub knows about baseball...

For the record i know baseball is starting and I'm a little excited but i can't follow baseball from games 10-160...the start and ends and playoffs are all that are exciting to me. Oh yeah the NBA is almost done they have like 15 games left and LeBron is good...that's all for now

song of the day?: Leaves Fall by Chris Thile

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

all hopped up on coffee

Technically i am supposed to be studying right now but I just finished watching the US beat Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic on a double in the bottom of the 9th to win 6-5. That and I just watched a wicked video from my friends facebook page. The video was a testimony of a guy who used to be in Korn but gave all that up when he found Jesus. Apparently this site has been around for a most things in life I'm on the tertiary of "cool" or "hip" or "with it"

I haven't watched all of the videos at that site yet but i imagine they're all as powerful and have the ability to speak Truth to so many people. I haven't really been doing great with the relationship aspect with Christ lately, which kind of eats at me because i talk to high school kids every week about how important this relationship is to their life. I just feel like a hypocrite because how can i say this relationship is important if i neglect it every day? Why do i do this? Why do i neglect such a vital part of what makes me go? How can i know whats going on in my friends life 10x more than i can know whats going on in my life with Christ?

My life breaks down nicely for the next couple months.

Two exams and 7 days stand in the way of me going to Charlotte for a long weekend to hang out with old friends.

38 days till i go to NYC with an amazing group of guys for the NFL draft. More on this later.

68 days till the Woerth wedding. Ben and Brittany are two great friends that let me play 3rd wheel all the time when we hang out. This has the potential to be one of the best atmospheres at receptions I've ever been a part of.

June 12th-19th = BEST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE!!!....sorry that was my conditioned young life leader response....but seriously that's a couple months away and we already have 16 kids signed up with 8 of them being girls and 7 of them being freshman girls. legit.

beyond that...come should be impressed that i have those nailed down.

ok back to "studying" .....

trying something new here at the end
Your Song O the Day: #41 by Dave Matthews why you may ask?....cause its the first one that popped up on itunes when i hit shuffle

Friday, February 27, 2009

F5 Friday

Wow...there are at least 100 other things i could have done with my time that would have been more productive than what i did today. However, nothing would have been as entertaining as what i did on this particular Friday.

The day started with me reading that the Browns had traded Kellen Winslow, arguably our best offensive player, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for "undisclosed draft picks". That's right we don't even know what we get in return for our best player....awesome. This led me to sitting and talking to fellow browns fans for a couple hours about what we were exactly doing with our team this year. Other Browns news some friends and i are going to the NFL Draft in late April. We went last year and i really should blog about our draft of the best weekends ever...that blog is coming i promise.

Then i moved to Caribou with Chad where i parked my butt in a chair from which i didn't move for a solid 2-3.5 hours. I agree with Chads entry about how he enjoys himself some Caribou. I just enjoy the frou frou coffee they serve and the people watching the seem to present every time I'm there (more on that subject later). This current Caribou experience i outlasted a solid 10-15 people that came in. sat. drank their coffee. dilly dallied and were on their way.

There was also the occasional gchat conversation. Most days are filled with a gchat conversation with Cam. He works at a job where he sits in front of a computer for the 8-9 hours hes at his job...and i don't really have anything to do so i end up talking to him over gchat most days.

Then the highlight of my people. watching. ever.
People watching might be one of my favorite past times ever. This one starts with a guy sitting and drinking coffee by himself waiting for his friend to get here. The guy looks strangely like this guy from the show Alias In walks a lady that looks to be having a terrible day...they greet each other with a handshake from across the table. Then the guy scoots his chair around the table from 12 o'clock to right about 7 o'clock....and gets out a pad and paper and scoots DANGER CLOSE. He is literally sitting on the end of his chair and pretty much in her lap. She looks like shes about ready to cry and hes going on and on about the way she is a serious hands talker....I can't tell what hes writing down but its not like a therapy session because he hasn't written anything shes said in the past 5 minutes down. I have no idea what shes ranting about but it hasn't forced the guy to move back at all. There have been several "Dr. Phil" ish moments where he is talking to her and puts his hand on her shoulder to help explain his point. He is also a hands talker and keeps moving his hand as if to convey the point of something going on and on...very weird. Other random happenings from this people watching experience. 1) she has tried to leave on multiple occasions but never left the chair....not that he physically restrained her but she would grab her purse and not make it past getting up. 2) Towards the end it went from talking with his hands to pointing 1 finger at her as if something was her fault. 3) They are awkwardly close but still look to be arguing. 4) I wonder if they've noticed me people watching them for the past...oh 30 minutes?

I can honestly say this was one of my top 5 people watching experiences. Several questions have been left unanswered in my mind. Most of them being of the "how do i categorize these two" variety. Were they therapist and patient? Were they on a very very awkward first date? Were they brother and sister? Or are they all of the above?

Monday, February 23, 2009


- Can we get a round of applause for random friends on facebook. I'm talking about the people who send you friend invites and have ZERO mutual friends. I have received quite a number of these recently....all female. The most recent one was a girl who is from St. Louis, Graduated HS when i was already in year 5 of college and went to school at Tennessee State. I have only ever been in the St Louis airport on a layover on the way back from Dallas. I couldn't put Tennessee State on a map if you were offering me $1 million (my guess would be in Nashville since its the capital but who knows.) So why? why is this girl asking to be my friend? What in the world is this about? I've never spent significant time in either place....i didn't make any friends when i was there.

The other couple weren't exactly like this girl...they had at most 5 friends in common but still nobody that i ever hung out with on a regular basis. I am just wondering what it is these people are gaining from adding randos as friends on facebook? Do you get a microwave at some point if you have over 5,000 friends? Is it like a part of the Amazing Race? Are they getting paid by Google to add people? Can i ask more questions about this to nobody in particular?

-Bar culture...So my friend Chad and I went out for a mutual friends birthday in the Arena District. A little background for those of you keeping score at home...i like going to bars about as much as this cat loves the pool. I don't really like bars because they're just dumb. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that i don't really enjoy parties either...I'm more of a quiet kind of guy. I prefer chillin on the couch with a couple people to standing around and yelling to have a conversation. So back to the bar....and probably the highlight...or low light depending on your point of view. For a solid 30 minutes the same girl is grinding on my matter how much i move forward thinking that i was in her "dance bubble" she just followed me like i was the pied piper. I finally turned sideways and started watching an osu-michigan wrestling match that was on tv and talking to my friend cam. The girls get frustrated at my lack of action towards their mating dance and grab their coats and leave. I think to myself..."finally i can relax and not be so worried" oh i have never been more wrong in my life. You see when i turned sideways i was know up against a table that was occupied by 4 ladies all 40+. The one lady needed to sit down and so i apologized to her for blocking her path....she replied with "don't worry about it I'm finding standing up...if i need you to move I'll just grab your ass and squeeze"....WHAT?....what is going on in the world when cougars are threatening to grab my ass and girls are grinding on me? I left shortly there after and on the way back home commented to chad that that was one of, if not the, most awkward moments of my life.

-So my roommate Buergel, Chad and two other friends Deidre and Whitney and myself are sitting at applebees waiting to order our half price apps. Our waitress comes over and asks us what we would like to me trying to be courteous to this fine restaurant employee tell her i would like two strawberry lemonades. She comes out firing with the "oh my gosh are you going to be high maintenance tonight?". This is like open season, blood in the water for both Buergel and Chad....its a non stop barrage for a good 30 seconds of calling me high maintenance for the simple fact that i didn't want to make her go get another drink for me as soon as she came back to take orders. How stupid of me to try and think of her by making her job easier. However towards the end of the night she did make the comment that she hates when people have finished their drink by the time she comes back. So she was making fun of me for something she hates! I don't get it....and pretended to be upset for the entire night....although i think this was some middle schoolesque ploy for me to ask her for her phone number by being mean to me. Jokes on you Joanna I'm no Peter Gibbons. Although i do about the same amount of work and have always dreamed of eating cheetohs at my desk.

-thats all thats in my head for now...I'm sure there will be more to come

who knows I may make it 3 for 3 days...don't hold your breath though

sunday night baller

i honestly sat here trying to think of a post to appease a few people who want me to update my post more than once a month so it can officially be called a blog. So i settled on talking about my favorite winter past time of

- I played in an 18+ basketball league this season with a mix of former and current Young Life leaders in Columbus. The league was held at Olentangy Liberty and we played on Sunday nights. This was our second season in this league and we were looking to build on our disappointing season of not making the playoffs the year before. We had a decent regular season finishing a respectable 5-2. I say respectable because our team consisted of guys who had no experience playing college ball....wait that's a lie we had 1 guy play 1 year of D3 ball for Defiance College....but other than Adam nobody else was even offered to get paid to go to school to play basketball. I only mention this because a slight run down of the league will give you an idea of who we had to guard on a weekly basis

-The Phoenix Foundation...aka Otterbeins 2001/02 National Champ. team...their big men could play inside and shoot from 3 (aka not fun to guard). This team went undefeated in the regular season.

-Average Joes....defending champs of the Powell 18+ league featuring Tim Schafer starting tackle for Ohio State in football c. 2005-6 (roughly 6'5" 290 pounds)...also featuring multiple guys that could bench press a fiat

-West Side Shooterz...not the best team but they had multiple people who played college basketball...although we did beat this team

-Mosher...they had a guy who was 6'6 230. This man showed up at 7:01 when we played at 7. At approx. 7:02 he had already won the opening tip and dunked on us...good start eh?

-The Lost Shepherds...this team had a guy who played at UNC...yes like the Dean Smith/Michael Jordan UNC. I should probably mention that said guy was at minimum 55 years old but was without a doubt the best shooter in the league. I watched him in pregame warm ups walk around the arc and didn't even hit the rim for like 15 shots....Yours truly guarded him and held him to 2 points all game (those 2 came on foul shots he hit after i fouled him shooting a 3)

-Abbington All Stars...this team was made of up a couple guys we knew and the rest were just their friends. This team had some talent but never really put it together. They had a guy who was not shy about pulling up and launching 3's from right around Sunbury (that's a joke that probably only 1 or 2 people will get...sorry)

-There was 1 other team but they were awful....i mean Detroit Lions bad....they didn't win a game and actually didn't show up the last two weeks because they were that bad

-Finally there was our team....the Cbus YL team.
Justin Wilson - our only real size at 6'4" but more of a natural 3-4
Chris Welter - our leader. 6'2" and probably drew their best interior player most of the time
Chris Ramsey - probably our 2nd best pure scorer
Ben Woerth - shut down defender and back up point guard.
Brian Baertsche - probably our main point guard....felt bad for barch because he has shoulder and back problems and actually got his shoulder popped out in a game this season.
Chris Light - 6'1 and a fierce rebounder...
Adam Konsat - our assassin...our only college level baller...he hit 7 3's in one game this season true story.

Then there was me....#00. I was actually only supposed to be a sub for this team...i never payed but went to every game. The guy who ran the league actually joked one game, because i left on my fleece pullover when we had enough guys to where i didn't need to play, that i got in trouble with the coach and was being benched for disciplinary reasons. I did have a career high game of 8 points but probably averaged right around 1.7 ppg for the season.

Wow....looking back that is a lot of crap i just wrote....I'll just try to sum up the regular season and playoffs because that's just ridiculous.

The regular season we finished 5-2. We lost to The Phoenix Found. (team otterbein) and to Average Joes (defending champs) but we actually beat the team where we got dunked on by the man who should probably be playing pro ball in Europe (Mosher).

The playoffs were another story....we were happy to make it since we missed out last year. Since we finished 5-2 we drew the #3 seed. We took on average joes a couple sundays ago and i was actually nervous walking into the gym....I'll give you a minute to regain your composure after reading that i was nervous to play in an adult basketball league playoff game.....but this was my first game that meant something other than getting to stay on the court for an extra 30 minutes. We had the lead from the start and were actually up 7 at the half. With the game winding down we kept floating around a 7-8 point lead but we were starting to tense up. The one peculiar thing about the Powell League was that the clock runs until the final 2 minutes of each half. This can either help or hurt you, if you're up and you get fouled you can take your time when you're at the line and drag more time off the clock and vice versa.

The final 2 minutes of the game was very tense....we turned the ball over. they made ridiculous 3's. we couldn't make foul shots. they couldn't miss foul shots. So here we are with under 10 seconds to go and they have just taken what i believe is their first lead of the game 45-44. We get the ball to Adam our best shooter and have him take the ball up the court....what you are about to read i am not proud of but have laughed it off and am now ok with publishing over the world wide web......and we get called for a charge on a play that if it happens 10 times get called a blocking foul 9 out of 10 times. I am on the bench and cannot believe that it was called a charge. This give the ball back to the other team to hit more foul shots to put them ahead more. I go from on the bench to on the floor and i am yelling at the ref that there was no way that was a charge. I tell him "i respectfully disagree with his call". I then get yelled at by Welter to get off the floor nothing is going to change the call and it doesn't matter. AND IN ONE OF MY MORE BRILLIANT MOMENTS IN 26 YEARS OF LIFE. I yell back "WELL IT KINDA DOES MATTER THEY GET THE BALL BACK".....i know i know great logic. So i get up and am walking around and i pick up my nalgene to take a drink (wouldn't be a YL based team if the nalgene wasn't present) and nothing is left in the nalgene so i just drop it to the floor. (note to self...there is really nobody sitting in the stands....there is at most 30 people present.....gyms kind of echo when you drop hard plastic onto wooden floors)

At this point they have hit 2 more free throws to make the score 47-44 and we now have 1.6 seconds left to do something about it. Welter draws up a play to get Adam a look...Adam gets the ball and from just inside half court lets a shot go, that no joke, rims in and then out. So Team YL goes from up 12 at one point in the second half to up 7 with a minute to go in regulation to losing by 3. That ladies and gentleman is how you play to "not win." After the game there were multiple significant others there to watch and we all decided to go out to Max and Ermas to celebrate a good season. I just want to point out that at M&E's it was 5 couples, Adam and myself. Adam has a gf she just had to work that night....i don't know if the phrase 13th wheel would have applied but that's what i would have been had Adams girl decided to show up. Good times.

So there it is.....our 2008-09 season boiled down to one meaningless and unnecessarily long blog post.

As of the time of this posting i am unaware of who won the league but the money would probably be on The Phoenix Foundation. They're used to winning things.

- My next post probably wont be another month from will probably also cover a multitude of problem is that i have so many random thoughts that i don't feel would necessitate their own post so i just don't post them. My next one will probably be a smattering of random thoughts and such

-Props to you for reading the whole thing even if you didn't like basketball.

-The Cavs - Pistons game is on espn right now.....the cavs cheerleaders uniforms look mysteriously like michael j. fox's team in teen wolf

Saturday, January 31, 2009

and if you don't you know

What you're about to witness is my thoughts....just my thoughts. Right or wrong just what i was feelin at the time...

there really is no pattern to this you can see i haven't posted since 2008.

- i spent entirely too much time thinking what should be put in this first spot...should it be something about sports? should it be something about Jesus?

- i definitely love both of those two topics i mentioned before and depending on the day it would depend on which i love more....that shouldn't be a question but honestly somedays i hardly think about what God has done in my life and i just go about my day thinking of how i can make it better. I don't think about what i can do with Him in my life directing it i just think of what i can do or what i have done in the day.

- I've probably spent as much time out of college as i have in college. I started off going to OSU-Newark, hated it, and since i hated it i didn't go to class or feel like studying was important. That's probably where i set up myself for such failure later in my college career. What is funny is that my major leads me into the world of teaching...hilarious when you consider that its taken me the good part of 5 years in school and 3 years out of it to complete my undergrad. I don't know that teaching is what i want to do later but who knows.

- That last point leads me to my next thought...."i don't know what i want to do"...this is true i do not know what i want to do but i also think that i clearly haven't spent enough time in prayer just listening to God and trying to hear from him and find his path for my life. That is something i have clearly missed so far in my life if i am honest. Sitting and listening to God....too much of my "prayer time" has been spent talking AT God and not listening TO Him. The pastor at the church i go to (Vista) was talking about how we need to approach God like we are approaching the President of the US in the oval office it hit me because of how backwards my approach has been to prayer.

- This is just here so i can transition to sports

- If i could have a career where i talked about sports and Jesus it would awesome. Living in the south is optional but they don't have snow like we do here in Ohio so i may have to think about that more.

- I am a pessimistic sports fan...but that's only because of the teams i support.
Ohio State has crapped the bed in the last couple title games they've been in
The Browns...the words "The Drive" are never going to be uttered in my house when i am older...NEVER
The Blue Jackets...they are getting better but have never made the playoffs in 8 years of existence CARRY THE FLAG
The Crew...they actually don't fit here based on their performance last season in winning the MLS Cup and the Supporters Shield (best regular season record)...sidebar for a moment....the MLS is the only pro soccer or "football" league where having the best regular season record doesnt give you the Trophy, way to Americanize that guys....sidebar over....
The Cavs...they have the best player in the game since MJ but all everybody talks about is how he is going to NY in 2010...only in Cleveland

- I like country music

- I also like rap music

- Pretty much the only music i don't like is screamo, heavy death metal

- As i type this the Jackets just crapped the bed against the Stars...5-2 at the start of the 3rd....

- This entry turned out to be longer than i thought...hopefully it keeps you entertained for the next month before i post again

- for the record the intro is from Jay-Z...not my thoughts....originality for me is forgetting who i stole it from