Tuesday, April 7, 2009

randomness at its best

- i was watching the msu/unc game last night with Greg and Josh after club and i came to the realization that tyler hansbrough looks exactly like the freshman qb from the tv show friday night lights (jd mccoy)...last episode i saw JD got beat up by his dad after choosing a girl over practice (stop it...stop all of your Iverson practice jokes right now...) but still winning a game to take them to the state playoffs. I wonder if Tyler ever got beat up by his dad? Makes you wonder if thats why it looks like hes always going to cry?

- Jerome got a new girl leader on Sunday her name is Cristie. She is from Hudson,Oh and a freshman at OSU. She is a stud and is going to do great things i just know it. Last night was her first club and she just hopped right in talking to girls about whatever it is girls talk about (sources say chocolate, boys, high school musical 3 and being artsy but I'm not sure). I think she has more numbers from kids at club in one night than i have in 3 years. Whats really cool is that she shadowed at Jerome in the winter and i think we all fell in love with her. She was definitely my favorite first year girl and i am really excited she is on our team.

- Tonight i venture into the world of intramural hockey at the Ohio State University. I am curious to see what happens as i haven't played ice hockey in Lord knows how long but it is a beginner league. I am on a team named Silver Seven with six other YL leaders (there are other people on our team but it is clearly not coincidence that there are 7 leaders on a team named the Silver Seven). The only problem is that i do not have a hockey stick so once this post is done i am off to a hockey store in columbus to pick one up and get the skates sharpened. I hope to keep the 5 people who read this up to date on what happens with this hockey team as we try and match the Jackets and make the playoffs and storm our way to the top of the mountain....who cares that they get their name on the Stanley Cup...we get t-shirts!

off i go...its almost game time (tuesdays at 10:30 pm @ OSU Ice Rink if any of you are feeling supportive in nature)

song of the day - Kingdom Come by Coldplay

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