Tuesday, April 7, 2009

times you won't remember with fRiEnDs you'll never forget!!!1

back after popular (ok 1 person asked and that was enough for me) demand....its facebook status update time

in no particular order from the interwebz friends of turk555 and anpan9

10 - Cigarettes, coffee, studying, and hiding from the world. Feel free to facebook f*** my wall about why any of you think you deserve to know me. (so much hate and anger in one post...facebook f my wall? honestly?)

9 - has been even more ingenious, turning my vespa into a Mississippi-style paddle steamer. (this plan will fail if you don't live on the Mississippi sir)

8 - class at 10 30...lick my balls...day 2 for frank. (day 2 of what? class? poor frank)

7 - The Big Ten should be officially called the "Good at coming in Second Ten" (its funny/sad cause its true...at least we got a runner up trophy! wait do they even give out runner up trophies in college?)

6 - had no clue that the saved by the bell (middle school years) took place in indiana, not california (thank you for ruining my childhood tv memories man....seriously this shook me to my core and it wasn't even 10 am yet)

5 - had fun in the sun with the fam today, a good elders meeting tonight, is glad the Mariners won their opener (it will be a long season), and is looking forward to 24 with Grace (sorry Mark...even pastors can't create lists....we thought you were better than that)

4 - things i am not okay with: 1) snow on the ground on april 7th. ruin my liiiiiife!!!!! (if i could add to your list young lady....#2 - figure out what the word plural means)

3 - is feeling oh so very gay. (i have no comment)

2 - has got his fingers crossed for a One Shining Moment appearance (maybe next year Shark)

1 - tear drops on my face like its my party; and if its my party so I can cry if I want to.. (don't even know where to start with this one....maybe the tears got in the way of her making sense organ) EDIT: i have since been told this came from a dude...even better.....i think i have my winner

there you have it...not our best work but still some winners in the bunch

leave a comment...pick a winner....submit your own...do whatever it is your little hearts desire


  1. if I had done this yesterday...everyone would have had something to do with Sean Miller

  2. clearly number 2 is my favorite