Monday, April 20, 2009

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The one thing i can do consistently on here is update facebook here we are for Round 3? of updates

in no particular order

10 - me: alright..i'm leaving......tom: ok give me a hug. ::i lean over to give him a hug:: tom: (not hugging me back)...NOSE GOES!!!! me: what!? to...? ......tom: go to class hehehehehe bitch. ....In class all day..text*. (what?...i don't even know what happened in that status update and finally a person that uses the 3 period spaces more than i do...)

9 - Detroit is by far the worst city in the US. Highlights from the D: 1) Huge casino donation 2) Jumped/Robbed 3) Nyall jumped and put in the hospital 4) Blue Jackets didnt even show up 5) Only place youll see Dont Pass bets. (as if we needed a reason to hate "The D" more....and they don't even mention the 0-16 Lions!)

8 - So my car won't start....and I have a midterm at 12:00....Awesome. (That update was written at 11:42. Note to the person who wrote this maybe you should be walking to class instead of complaining via facebook)

7 - all we need is a bag of weed to keep us worry free. =] happy 4twenty. (One of many 420 messages that were left today...this one had this comment left "you dont even smoke. weirdo"...well done i would also like to say this one is related to me)

6 - has oficially been injured by a 7 year old who is unable to control his body...waiting for my mom to bring some meds until Cassie can take me to the doctor! (way to go...way to be 26 years old and get beaten up by a 7 year old. Thankfully this was a girl and not a dude)

5 - will have you weighing polar bear feces for ridiculous experiments. (i really hope this is a lyric to a song but odds are it's not....)

4 - 4/20. hitler's birthday. columbine shootings. start of the french revolutionary wars. ludlow massacre. death of bram stoker. etc. luckily, we can forgot these macabre events by becoming increasingly hungry, lazy & forgetful. don't think i forgot all you non-smokers out there: jews were granted religious freedom in what is now nyc. yep. that's all i got. hope you have a stellar pseudo-holiday folks. (another 420 update but this one had too much good stuff to pass up)

3 - wishes that zombies attacked, just to spice things up.. (you know what...i do as well....who wouldn't love it if zombies attacked)

2 - is not celebrating 4/20 because he doesn't wanna have to take off like 100 shirts just to get free..(hate to have another 420 one on here but that is too good to pass up....leaves so many questions that need answers)

1 - Just left REI garage sale. Picked up a 6-man sea kayak, a sleeping bag rated to. -120. And an ultralight dogsled. Great gear (That sounds like it would great gear ya know if you were Bear Grylls or survivor man but last time i checked you lived in Chicago and have an it all seems kinda useless)

editors note: My roommate was going to have a status update on here but he was complaining that i was taking forever to update this...its not my fault i was watching Southland and trying to update at the same time. He also broke the tv in our room so there's really no room for him to talk....note to Joshua rain + electronics = bad

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