Saturday, January 31, 2009

and if you don't you know

What you're about to witness is my thoughts....just my thoughts. Right or wrong just what i was feelin at the time...

there really is no pattern to this you can see i haven't posted since 2008.

- i spent entirely too much time thinking what should be put in this first spot...should it be something about sports? should it be something about Jesus?

- i definitely love both of those two topics i mentioned before and depending on the day it would depend on which i love more....that shouldn't be a question but honestly somedays i hardly think about what God has done in my life and i just go about my day thinking of how i can make it better. I don't think about what i can do with Him in my life directing it i just think of what i can do or what i have done in the day.

- I've probably spent as much time out of college as i have in college. I started off going to OSU-Newark, hated it, and since i hated it i didn't go to class or feel like studying was important. That's probably where i set up myself for such failure later in my college career. What is funny is that my major leads me into the world of teaching...hilarious when you consider that its taken me the good part of 5 years in school and 3 years out of it to complete my undergrad. I don't know that teaching is what i want to do later but who knows.

- That last point leads me to my next thought...."i don't know what i want to do"...this is true i do not know what i want to do but i also think that i clearly haven't spent enough time in prayer just listening to God and trying to hear from him and find his path for my life. That is something i have clearly missed so far in my life if i am honest. Sitting and listening to God....too much of my "prayer time" has been spent talking AT God and not listening TO Him. The pastor at the church i go to (Vista) was talking about how we need to approach God like we are approaching the President of the US in the oval office it hit me because of how backwards my approach has been to prayer.

- This is just here so i can transition to sports

- If i could have a career where i talked about sports and Jesus it would awesome. Living in the south is optional but they don't have snow like we do here in Ohio so i may have to think about that more.

- I am a pessimistic sports fan...but that's only because of the teams i support.
Ohio State has crapped the bed in the last couple title games they've been in
The Browns...the words "The Drive" are never going to be uttered in my house when i am older...NEVER
The Blue Jackets...they are getting better but have never made the playoffs in 8 years of existence CARRY THE FLAG
The Crew...they actually don't fit here based on their performance last season in winning the MLS Cup and the Supporters Shield (best regular season record)...sidebar for a moment....the MLS is the only pro soccer or "football" league where having the best regular season record doesnt give you the Trophy, way to Americanize that guys....sidebar over....
The Cavs...they have the best player in the game since MJ but all everybody talks about is how he is going to NY in 2010...only in Cleveland

- I like country music

- I also like rap music

- Pretty much the only music i don't like is screamo, heavy death metal

- As i type this the Jackets just crapped the bed against the Stars...5-2 at the start of the 3rd....

- This entry turned out to be longer than i thought...hopefully it keeps you entertained for the next month before i post again

- for the record the intro is from Jay-Z...not my thoughts....originality for me is forgetting who i stole it from