Monday, August 10, 2009

when boredom strikes

I honestly sat down to blog for the first time since 'Nam but nothing happened for a solid 10 minutes.....

brief recaps of things ive done this summer

- road tripped to Charlotte...This was a man weekend filled with croquet, golf, wiffle ball, a fantasy football draft and overall dude things at a lake house that looked like it could have been the set for "i know what you did last summer". That may be the record for worlds longest run on sentence but i feel like punctuation doesnt matter on blogs...mostly cause i'm not turning this in for a grade and also because its on the internet

- went to cincy to eat deep fried foods with friends....The cooks invited me down and i obliged and we ate all kinds of things that are terrible for you.....the list that i can remember.....oatmeal creme pie, strawberry marshmellow, strawberry pop tart (my personal favorite), oreo, pizza, hush puppies, corn dogs, pineapple (a close 2nd to the pop tart), twinkie, fun size twix, swiss cake roll. The fun that is deep frying things ended around 9 and then Cook and i played The Show on ps3 till 1:30 before bed...yep we're 13 years old.

- jazz and rib fest in downtown columbus... The Woerths invited me to go down the the J&RF (thats what the insiders call it) and it was the perfect combination of good food, good music and great people watching...We put up shop in the middle of a big grass field with those collapsable chairs that nobody really knows the name of but are a staple of any outdoor summer activity. We had already had a half rack of ribs and now were munching on imitation blizzards and people couple, complete with jackets tied around their waste but not covering their fanny packs, walked and danced around for 30 minutes or so while other people relaxed in chairs the man on stage sang about how his wife was a whiskey drinker and that none of viagra, ciallis or whatever else is on the market was helping him. Interesting fellow this man...i'd ballpark him at 60 years old and black so i trusted whatever he had to say about Jazz music.

- Jerome soccer has started...they've had their "hell week" of conditioning and actual two-a-days/tryouts start tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. I'll be coaching JV-A this year and i'm sure more will be blogged about this later.

I really wish i had more time to get into details but that will come later

stay tuned for a facebook status update post coming soon