Monday, November 29, 2010

Is this thing on?

Hello? Anybody there?

quick life update....i live in charlotte now that is all.

I just want to thank the witty/fml/crazy people i am friends with on facebook that make it so much fun to laugh at and not with you and your status updates.

10 - UPS can't even handle the logistics we just pulled out for the MSU game - This is clearly a smart person status update because Duke plays MSU in bball sometime who else would make a logistics joke about a basketball game? Nerds thats who.

9 - Dear ups, how in the world do you misplace one trailer let alone eight!!! - No i seriously didnt mean to have two UPS status(es?, i?, nothing?) but seriously...what can brown do for you?

8 - ‎...., ‎.... - that was two different status updates from people who do not know each other i wonder what is going on in the world that two different people felt the need to post both of those as updates.

7 - ‎6/4/11 - Dublin Jerome D2 State Lacrosse Champs 2011 book it.

6 - ...deep thought - i'm trying to decide if this was a preamble type of update that a deep thought status was coming or if the person was trying to be ironic by posting "[post deep thought here]" type of thing....jury is still out

5 - Really Liverpool, really? - everyone take time to go here then point and laugh at Liverpool FC being below Newcastle FC in the table....Come On You Toon!

4 - coffman at 11! - this comment is only on here because it was commented on by another players mom about getting fired up...only to have that player come on and tell his mom to "hush". I have never known any mom to comment about getting fired up via facebook and i have also never known anyone to tell their mom to "hush" publicly

3 - wow - so just got off work ... been there since 5 ... got stiffed by TWO different tables ... now i'm at my apartment all by myself. EFF TONIGHT - i think this could make some noise on the fml site....for the record this was posted at midnight for those wondering how long it had been since this person had 'been there since 5'

2 - who wins in a fight a grizzly bear or a gorilla? - a GREAT question and one in which i have no answer.

1 - Seven years in a row feels good - Go Bucks.

its been a while but it was fun to check out some of the status updates....once again these are in no particular order or rank just the top ten that caught my eye recently

hasta lasagna

Monday, January 25, 2010

Do not adjust your set...this is a blog post

So its been about 4 score and 12 fortnights since i posted last but thats neither here nor there....

Lets get down to brass tacks you only want to read the status updates and could care less what witty comment i may or may not have for them....

Anywho i've exhausted all of the not so clever cliches that have crawled through my head since i started posting...

so here we go in no particular order

10 (a)- ¡sǝʇɐɯ 'ʎɐp ɐılɐɹʇsnɐ ʎddɐɥ.... So i'm not really how he did it but thats impressive and thats why it makes an appearance on the list

10 (b) - 地球で一番大切な人の地球で一番大切な人になれた俺は地球で一番] So i'm also not sure how they did this one either...thats why there are dos for number zehn (did you see what i did there...just adding more to the international flair)

9 - Jerome soccer 2010 let's can say what you want about this not being very deep or funny or whatever but hey its my blog and i happen to coach said Jerome Soccer team, this team is going to be special next what Gahanna returns the state player of the year and a couple other guys from an undefeated and 4th overall national ranking...they're not ready for the celts. Party starts 8/28/10 yeah celts

8 - double baconator and chipotle today. gonna need to get that rec pass tomorrow.....props to this man for eating the double baconator and a chipotle today...i have always wanted to conquer the baconator but also want to live to see myself get married, have kids, browns win a super bowl etc so i've never attempted it

7 - michigan's 10:26 on january 25th and michigan still sucks that is all

6 - My pack of starbursts was severly skewed to the orange and yellow ones :(...nothing worse than getting a pack of starbursts and having a large amounts of yellows. I knew someone once that tried to train themselves into liking yellow starbursts based on the fact that people are always trying to get rid of them....i could never do that i mean sure i coud train myself to like

5 - just shattered her full-length mirror. Fail!...this one is funny based on the fact that the girl is pretty short and one of the comments asked if it was in fact only a half length mirror or if the bad luck is doubled now since it was a full-length mirror.

4 - people making out at Cici's thats cool...after reading the comments it was in fact the two people closing Cici's after it was closed...i may never eat there again (i cannot in fact back this statement of never going back there up but it sounds cooler if i say i won't)

3 - 6th period: student - "happy birthday, mrs. enyart!" me - "its not my birthday" student - "well when is it?" me - "february 30th" student - "oh! ok, i'll get you something then" 7th period: me - *making fun of student from 6th period* student #2 - "what about leap years?" me - *at a loss* faith in the future of america is completely shattered...i think we're getting closer and closer to the movie Idiocracy happening

2 - suddenly understand why human have to die in some point....part of me wants to know the answer...the other 73% wants to stay in the dark

1 - Favorite quote of the year. From my 5 year old nephew: "I'm not going to spank my kids, I'm going to slap them in the face. "....i hope my 5 year old reacts the same way, also is it bad that my parental philosophy is the same of said 5 year old?

so there they are...a few random status updates that made me laugh when i came across them throughout the past week....

no promises on the next update or if i'll actually write something other than status updates