Monday, November 29, 2010

Is this thing on?

Hello? Anybody there?

quick life update....i live in charlotte now that is all.

I just want to thank the witty/fml/crazy people i am friends with on facebook that make it so much fun to laugh at and not with you and your status updates.

10 - UPS can't even handle the logistics we just pulled out for the MSU game - This is clearly a smart person status update because Duke plays MSU in bball sometime who else would make a logistics joke about a basketball game? Nerds thats who.

9 - Dear ups, how in the world do you misplace one trailer let alone eight!!! - No i seriously didnt mean to have two UPS status(es?, i?, nothing?) but seriously...what can brown do for you?

8 - ‎...., ‎.... - that was two different status updates from people who do not know each other i wonder what is going on in the world that two different people felt the need to post both of those as updates.

7 - ‎6/4/11 - Dublin Jerome D2 State Lacrosse Champs 2011 book it.

6 - ...deep thought - i'm trying to decide if this was a preamble type of update that a deep thought status was coming or if the person was trying to be ironic by posting "[post deep thought here]" type of thing....jury is still out

5 - Really Liverpool, really? - everyone take time to go here then point and laugh at Liverpool FC being below Newcastle FC in the table....Come On You Toon!

4 - coffman at 11! - this comment is only on here because it was commented on by another players mom about getting fired up...only to have that player come on and tell his mom to "hush". I have never known any mom to comment about getting fired up via facebook and i have also never known anyone to tell their mom to "hush" publicly

3 - wow - so just got off work ... been there since 5 ... got stiffed by TWO different tables ... now i'm at my apartment all by myself. EFF TONIGHT - i think this could make some noise on the fml site....for the record this was posted at midnight for those wondering how long it had been since this person had 'been there since 5'

2 - who wins in a fight a grizzly bear or a gorilla? - a GREAT question and one in which i have no answer.

1 - Seven years in a row feels good - Go Bucks.

its been a while but it was fun to check out some of the status updates....once again these are in no particular order or rank just the top ten that caught my eye recently

hasta lasagna

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